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  • johnsonslider960Meet Our Team

    As a young chiropractic student, Dr. Johnson was facing fusion surgery because of debilitating lower back pain. Out of desperation, he visited an upper cervical doctor who’s practice was nearly an hour away.  The correction brought complete relief within one day!  When his good friend’s mother’s blood pressure reduced from … Continue reading

  • newpatient960New Patient Special Offer

    Learn if NUCCA is right for you, get your questions answered, tell your story and get a second opinion. Schedule a complimentary NUCCA consultation with one of our doctors.

  • johnsonhockeyslider960Concussion Relief and Recovery

    Concussion injuries are typically divided into two categories, primary brain injury and secondary brain injury. Primary brain injury is the initial injury to the brain caused by trauma (car accident, sports injury, etc). Secondary brain injury is any damage to the brain following that initial injury and is typically because … Continue reading